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Yellow Nail - Symptoms and Prevention

Yellow fingernails or toenails can be caused by several things such as regular use of nail polish and nail polish remover. Yellow nail can also be caused due to excessive usage of tobacco and alcoholic products. Yellow, thick, cracked toenails or fingernails are a symbol of fungal infection that must be treated to avoid other health problems.

Identification and Symptoms

Yellow nails syndrome (YNS) gives thickened appearance to nails with yellowish green to yellow tone. Fingernails and toenails that are affected with YNS will normally have thick hump or curve in the center.
Other symptoms of yellow nails syndrome or YNS may include.

  • Flaky and thick nails.
  • Splitting and breakage of nails.
  • Presence of pit marks upon toenails or fingernails.

Effects of Yellow nails syndrome (YNS)

Yellow nails syndrome or YNS may be present in the human body that does not only affect feet and hands but also affect other cells and tissues in the body. Yellow nails can be the main reason of having swelling in legs and arms that is known as “Lymphedema”. This nail fungus can also affect upon respiration system and it easily passed from one generation to next generation if not treated.


  • Women may use clear polish before applying the nail polish to prevent from yellow nail. Nail polish contains heavy pigmented that can dry the nails causes to flaky and yellow nails.
  • People, whose nails have already turned in yellow, can dip their nails in white vinegar or lemon juice as these acids erode the things that cause the yellowish tone on nails.
  • Mix baking soda in water to make the paste and apply it to nails at least for ten minutes, then wash with fresh water.
  • People can moisturize their nails regularly with cuticle oils, lotions and by different home remedies to prevent from yellow nails.

Vitamins and proteins are increasingly used to avoid number of problems related to skin and nails health. The American Academy of Dermatology has suggested that vitamin C, E, and Vitamin A are necessary to prevent from yellowish green tone of nails. Vitamin A can be found in green vegetables butter, eggs, and fish oils. Vitamin E can also be found in most vegetables, seeds, corns, nuts and dairy products. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is considered as important antioxidant necessary to treat with various nail disorders. Vitamin C can be found citrus fruits, lemon and in vegetables.

In conclusion, it can be said that regular care and consumption of vitamin rich diet can prevent from yellow nail.

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