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Useful Tips to Strengthen the Weak Nails

The Brittle or weak fingernails easily split or break and this must be treated as the appearance, texture and color of fingernails signify the overall style and wellness of the body.

Causes of Brittle or Weak Nails

  • Exposure to cleaning solutions, detergents, soaps and harsh chemicals are the main causes of brittle nails.
  • The common cause of brittle or weak nail is repeated dripping of fingernails such as recurrent cleaning and washing of clothes, dishes without wearing the gloves.
  • During the winter season, many people use heating systems to prevent from cold. These heating systems decrease humidity level that indirectly causes brittle and dry nails.
  • Trauma and primary health conditions like skin disorders and thyroid problems can cause dry and weak nails.
  • Less nutrients or malnutrition in regular diet plan can be the reason of brittle and thin nails. Some factors that heighten the condition of weak nails include deficiency of iron, zinc, calcium and vitamins.

Tips to Strengthen the Brittle Nails

The below mentioned are useful tips to keep the nails strong and healthy.

  • Like skin and hairs, fingernails or toenails also need a sufficient nutrition to make them strong and healthy as well. If people experience a weak nails, yellowish color of nails then the only reason is deficiency of nutrition enriched food. Therefore, people required to take adequate amount of minerals and vitamins to get beautiful and healthy nails. They need to eat healthy food like green vegetables, fish, eggs and fruits.
  • Women require applying base coat of clear polish before applying the nail paint.
  • Always use nail polish remover that does not contain acetone chemical as this chemical make the nails weak that results in breakage and splitting.
  • Avoid filing of wet fingernails or toenails as wet nails break easily.
  • Make use of gloves while using any chemical product or at the time of washing the dishes and clothes to keep the nails strong.
  • Moisturize the cuticles and nails at bedtime and put cotton gloves to make the nails healthier and strong.
  • Repair tears or splits by using clear polish and nail glue as these tears can be the reason of brittle nails.
  • Keep the fingernails well-hydrated by rubbing the nails with petroleum jelly. People can also rub caster oil to their nails to keep them strong.

In brief, a little care of nails and mineral enriched diet can strengthen the weak nails.

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