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Split Nail Causes and Prevention

Glamorized, long and shining fingernails are a part of ones wardrobe as they can make one look beautiful. So, what to do if fingernails or toenails incur damage or are splitting? Hiding a split nail by using nail polish is easy but it can be painful and nail cuticles can also be wounded if splitting of nails is not treated properly.

Causes for Split Nails

For proper treatment, it is required to determine the various causes of splitting nails. The below mentioned are common causes of splitting nail problem.

  • Prolonged or repetitive contact with water like tub baths and dishwashing.
  • Improper buffing or filing of nails can cause the splitting problem.
  • Excessive usage of nail polish remover can also cause splitting as it contains chemicals like acetone that dries the toenail or fingernail.
  • Cold weather dries the nails that results in nail splitting.
  • Lack of minerals and vitamins in diet especially gelatin and vitamin E leads to nail splitting.
  • Contacts of nails with chemicals and detergents are also some reasons behind the splitting of nails.

People who have splitting nails basically face two problems, breakage of nails and wounds. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the wounds underneath the nails as this would prevent the problem of split nail.

How to Treat a Wound?

The wounds are often addressed under the toenails or fingernails and people require necessary measures to disinfect and clean these wounds. They can use topical cream, antibacterial soap and anti-inflammatory balm to recover the wounds.