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Severe Nail Biting

Severe nail biting is also a kind of obsessive compulsive disorder just like hair pulling and skin picking. It has been found that the people who are in awful habit of severe nail biting usually keep their hands out of the others view, either in their pockets or by their back. The ones who do this have much chances of getting rid of this habit as the embarrassment that they feel can be a positive driving force. It has been found that most of the people bite their nails when they are in a particular state of mind or when their hands are free.

There is a strange kind of commonality present between all the habits of obsessive compulsive disorder and there is one sure shot way to counter all these which is self realization. There is a strong feeling of satisfaction that these people acquire when they bite their nails and this in itself contains the root causes that have to be known. One thing with which this habit can be eradicated from ones life is the motivation to overcome it.

Hypnotherapy for curing severe nail biting habits

If one feels that this severe nail biting is due to stress or any kind of anxiety then hypnotherapy can be of real great help. In the hypnotherapy sessions, the mind of the person is relaxed in such a way that the triggers of nail biting habit can be easily understood. The second step of these hypnotherapy sessions includes making the people aware of the harmful outcomes of this pathetic habit. In this, the subconscious mind is awakened and then the people are told to notice their hands when they are reaching the mouth and make all sorts of efforts to stop them.

There are many doctors who are using NLP techniques for curing the patients who have been facing the problem, of severe nail biting from years. With these techniques the compulsiveness that the people feel is countered in such a way that one starts rejecting the idea of biting the nails. Those who have been facing this problem of severe nail biting have to comprehend that once they get out of this mess they would have beautiful looking hands and appealing nails and they will no longer need to hide their nails.

Once the person is motivated and has been told the consequences, an effort to help in getting rid of this habit completely has to be made.

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