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Nails for nail gun

Nail gun is an instrument which helps to pack material by inserting nails, most commonly into any wooden material. They are considered as the most useful method which is not just fast but saves time as well. Solenoid is the hammer used in the nail gun and there is a blade which compels the nail out.

There are specific nails for particular kind of nail guns. Thus, before using the nail gun one must have knowledge about the different types of nails and for which gun they have to be used. The nails for nail gun are as-

  • Ordinary nails
  • Casing nails
  • Common brad nails
  • Box nails

Ordinary nails These are the ordinary type of nails for nail gun. They are preferred for wood but for the one which does not require any further finishing. They are used for boards of size 2*4. They are used for all works including re-molding at home or even at the garage.

Casing nails - These nails are best for fine work like for constructing cabinet and molding. These nails have a round top which can be submerged totally into the material. These nails can be replaced with the finished nails because both of them are best for fine work.

Common brad - The third category is the common brad nails for nail gun which are used for small and light work. It can also be used for trimming purpose. These are much shorter in size and lighter in weight as compared to the ordinary nails.

Box nails - The last one which is box nails are similar in appearance to common nails but they have large top and also a larger shank. These nails are popularly used for decking and framing purpose. These nails have high strength with great grip and thus hold tightly.

There are certain varied types of nails for nail gun with specific shape

  • Roofing nails are used during construction of roof. These nails are having large flat top which hold the roof strongly so as not to let it fall. In addition to this they also do not let rain water come inside.
  • The other type is ring shank nail which has ridges or grooves on the shank so that this part is fitted tightly into the wood.
  • The last one is drywall nails which are used for hanging drywall.

For proper care of the nail gun one must unplug it, remove batteries and switch off and then clean it with a dry cloth.

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