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Nail Vitamins

The condition of nails improve with the intake of nail vitamins. Finger nails grow by 1/8 of an inch monthly. Heredity growth determines the quality of nails of a person. Some people have naturally good looking nails while others have dull looking nails. Human hair and nails are similar in the sense that they do not have sensations. The intake of food which is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins helps in keeping nails in fine condition and make them look attractive. The type of nails may depend on each person in the family as some may have good looking nails while others may not have the same. Bad condition of nails might be due to poor diet or due to some disease that affects the nail polish.

Thyroid abnormality and lack of iron intake are some of the factors that lead to poor nail appearance and growth. The abnormal thyroid working can be cured by taking proper medicine that cures thyroid malfunctioning. Improper working of liver also determines the shape and conditions of nail. Problems related with improper circulatory system also causes poor nail growth. Fewer intake of nail vitamins like B and B12 also affect the nail health. Deficiencies of vitamin A lead to poor texture of nail and make them delicate and dry. Less intake of proteins lead to poor development of nail. Folic acid scarcity leads to whitening of nail color. Zinc is a micro-nutrient, deficiency of which results in whitening of nails. Iron deficiency also determines health of nails. Biotin is quite helpful in maintaining good nail health as it is available in the form of tablets in the market.

Methionine is a type of amino acid that promotes nail health. Omega-3 is a form of fatty acid that makes nail look lustrous and shiny. So if one wants to have good nails then one should take right quantity of fruits, vegetable that contain proper amount of essential nutrients. One should take good amount of milk and fish that contains nail vitamins. Food stuffs that contain nails vitamins B like wheat and grains should be included in our diet. Fissure and cuts on the nail indicate that person is not taking sufficient amount of liquid. Poor upkeep of nails result in making them appear unhealthy and worn out. Nail health is of great importance for person suffering from diabetes. In case of diabetic patients there is improper blood circulation, which leads to complications in blood vessels in their body. Diabetic patients should take greater care of nails of their feet by applying lotions on them. Nail vitamins are recommended in case of problems related with health.

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