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Nail Strengthener - Some Useful Home Based Remedies

No one likes to have finger nails that get broken easily or tend to chip out if some work is done with the nails. Strength of the nails holds equal importance to the shine and color. All those want to have those pink color and healthy looking nails, have to ensure that the texture of their nails is fine and they are quite healthy. The best way to take care of the nails is to start caring for them at an early age before any problem arises. One needs to choose a Nail strengthener that is both natural and effectual.

Home Based Remedies That Can Be a Nail strengthener

Home Based Remedies That Can Be a Nail strengthener It is always better to go in for home based remedies if one wants to have a nice Nail strengthener is hand.

  • The very first home made remedy is to apply moisturizer on the nails on the regular basis as this would strengthen the nails on an overall basis.
  • One can start consuming the food products that are rich in Biotin as it itself is a complete Nail strengthener. If one is not able to find food items that have rich biotin content, then one can definitely opt for the multivitamins available.
  • It is nice to apply olive oil to ones hands when going to bed as this smoothens the texture of the nails.
  • One can add one part of lemon juice and three parts of olive oil in a bowl and them soak ones hands in it for at least 3-5 minutes.
  • One can choose a nail polish remover that does not contains acetone as this weakens the finger nails.
  • It is advisable to use nail polish remover once in a week and not more than that.
  • Biting nails should be avoided as it leaves the nail beds damaged and can make the nails look flaky.
  • It is better to wear gloves while washing dishes as with this the hands are not immersed in water for a longer span of time.
  • Trimming of nails on regular basis and taking care that the shape is right also prevents the nails from becoming weak.

There is no fixed Nail strengthener available in the market that would suit every one’s hands. It is better to opt for the home remedies and maintain complete hygiene of the nails as this can keep the nails strong.

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