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Nail removal for Acrylic Nails

These days Acrylic nails are becoming a popular option for nail enhancements and adding more beauty to ones nails. One main thing that the ones who are opting for acrylic nails need to understand that these nails should not be kept for a longer span of time else they will lead to fungal infection and various other serious complications. As the shape, length and texture of these acrylic nails varies, one can choose the one that looks most natural. Another choice that the people have is that they can get the acrylic nails pasted on either the complete nails or just at the tips. The main reason why most of the people are opting for these acrylic nails is that they are both easy to fix and remove.

Nail Removal for Acrylic Nails

It is known by all that if acrylic nails are provided with proper care they are definitely going to last for a longer span of time. These acrylic nails are most prone to breakage and serious infections that leads to only one option and that is nail removal. When we talk of nail removal the very first thing that we need to do is collect all the required things such as nail polish remover, a nail clipper, nail buffer and any kind of petroleum jelly.

Before going in for the nail removal, one can make an effort to cut the acrylic nails to the shortest length, however if they are paining one can retain them. Once the cutting has been done, one can apply petroleum jelly to the hands this will make the skin surrounding the finger nails a bit soft. After this one requires to pour the nail polish remover in a bowl and soak the nails in it. One can keep the hands in this for about 10-20 minutes so that the nail polish remover gets soaked by the nails.

At the end, one can take the hands out of the bowl and simply unpeel the acrylic nails. After this it is required to clean the hands properly to clean all the residues of acrylic nails. One can use nail buffer if the nail glue is not getting peeled off. The only thing required during the nail removal process is to remain calm and patient as any kind of hassle can lead to any serious infection. After this one can moisturize ones hands to prevent them from drying.

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