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Nail Problems

All of us need to know about the nail problems before they happen to us as with this at least we could spend some time caring for our nails. Slight injuries occur with the fingernails on the daily basis and most of the times they are ignored and this is the reason why some major nail problems crop up. There is no fixed rule that one needs to rush to the doctor when any nail problem arises as most of them can be treated at home lightening the pain. If the nail injuries are ignored, they can definitely lead to bigger problems in the long run.

Nail Problems Every One Should Know

There are large numbers of injuries associated with the fingernails and it is better if one knows about them prior to one happens:

  • Irregular shape or texture of finger nails This is one of the most common nail problem that arises due to various different reasons. The problem of irregular shape is commonly found in the elders due to lack of blood circulation over the nails.
  • Ingrown nails All those who do not cut their nails properly are the victims of this problem of ingrown nails. As far as the toe nails are concerned, this happens when one wears tightly fitted shoes that do not give room to the nails for breathing.
  • Fungal Infections This is not a common problem and is usually find with the ones who have either got their nails pierced or have added synthetic nails.
  • Brittle nails This is a general nail problem that occurs when the finger nails are exposed to harsh chemicals such as detergents or soaps.
  • Separation of nails from the nail beds This usually happens when the nails become detached from the nail bed due any accident or injury. This is one such problem that takes more than 12-16 months to heal up.
  • Swollen or tender nails This problem is also referred to as hang nails and in this contamination of any kind is the main reason.

If one wants to have perfectly grown and nice looking nails, then it advisable to stay away from the habit of nail biting and getting the nails into water too much. If hygiene of the finger nails is maintained, there are chances that most of the nail problems can be avoided.

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