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Nail polish strain remover

Applying nail polish on the nails is common for every woman in this world and what they love to do. However, nail polish stains can create big mess. While applying nail polish on nails, it may get spilled on the clothing, floors and furniture. Such spill accidents can take place at any time. Nail polish is the most maddening substance to remove once it gets stained on the clothing or any other surface in the house. During these sudden spill accidents, if one is prepared with strain removal information, one can avoid ending up with soiled fabrics. Nail polish stains can be removed from the carpet, clothing and flooring simply by following the steps mentioned.

Tips to remove nail polish stains

  • Firstly, soak the stained area with nail polish remover or acetone. Now place the towel over the stain and press gently. This will allow the transfer of the stain from the carpet to the towel. It provides great results.
  • Take one table spoon of dishwashing detergent and mix it with two cups of hot water. Now take some white cloths and dip it into that solution and wipe the stain with that dipped cloth. Blot it until the solution is absorbed. If the stain still persists, then repeat these steps again. In the end wipe the stained area with cold water.
  • Stains from the carpet can also be removed by using hydrogen peroxide. Mix the water and hydrogen peroxide in equal proportion and then apply it on the stained areas. Now keep the carpet in the sun for few hours and keep the stained area moistened with solution of the water and hydrogen peroxide. The stain will automatically come out.
  • In case of stained clothes, take small piece of cotton and dip it into the nail polish remover or acetone. Now rub this dipped cotton on the stained cloth gently. If stain still persists, than wash the stained area again with the stain remover. At last, wash the cloth and dry it in air.
  • Take some quantity of banana oil and apply it carefully on the stained cloth and then gently wipe the cloth. If the stain still persists, then make use of little isopropyl which is also known as rubbing alcohol, it will help in providing stain free clothes.
  • One can also make use of hair spray for removing the stains of nail polish. Spray some little quantity of hair spray on the stained area and scrub with soft bristled toothbrush. It is an effective method of removing stains.

Use these methods to have clean clothes and furniture in the home.

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