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Nail Polish Pens

Nail biting is not an easy habit to leave and this is why the market is flooded with lot many nail biting products that could help one to get rid of this habit. Comprehending that nail biting is a highly uncontrollable habit, one has to see that the products that are being used would be effectual or not. Some of the most common nail biting treatment options available in the market are nail biting polishes, nail biting pens and nail biting creams. All these products if used regularly can help all those who are suffering from severe nail biting to get out of it.

How do nail polish pens work?

Although nail polish pens have always remained as a part of nail care, now these are being used to cure the problem of nail biting also. Most of the nail biting pens contain the elements that have bitter taste, but are not harmful to the body. As these nail pens do not contain any harmful elements these can be surely applied on the nails of the toddlers and the kids who are in the habit of nail biting.

There are many nail polish pens that have a transparent appearance and can be used by the adults also. One can apply these nail pens on the complete fingernails or thumb nail or at the tip areas only as most of the people are in the habit of biting the edges of the nails only. Once these nail pens are used, one has to see that the application takes place after 2 or 3 days so that the nails remain covered with the paint.

Ingredients contained in nail pens

Although there are many manufacturers who are coming out with different nail pens, the ingredients that are contained in them are mostly same. Some of the common ingredients contained in the nail biting pens are ethyl acetate, glycols copolymer, denatonium benzoate and isopropyl alcohol.

There are many nail biting pens that have nail growth formulae in them which promote the growth of the nails once one starts staying away from biting the nails.

From where to buy nail polish pens

Nail biting pens are easily available on the internet, but it is always recommended to buy one after consulting a doctor. As each and every person might be facing the nail biting problem due to a different trigger, the nail pen has to be bought quite carefully.

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