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Nail Lacquer

People usually pay much attention to enhance the beauty of the face and believe that their duty ends here. However, it is not right because hands reflect the true age of any person. If hands are rough and wrinkled then the person looks older than the age. Thus one must take daily care of hands. Go for manicure on weekly basis and hand massage once a week. It will improve blood circulation and would lead to nail growth. There are large varieties of colors available in the market. The nail lacquer of any color can be selected as per the occasion and mood. One can choose clear nail paint for simple looks to hot red color for glamorous looks.

Besides these, there are various glitters or shimmers to provide more fun and amazing appeal. Here are few tips given below which will provide a well groomed and sensational feel to the nails.

  • The old nail lacquer must be cleaned properly so that there would not be any traces left of that.
  • The nail paint remover used must be of very good quality. Do not purchase the remover which has acetone in it. It can lead to damage of nails.
  • The nails need to be filed appropriately. Short fingers look best if filed in oval shape.
  • Before applying nail paint, a base coat is applied. It strengthens the nails.
  • A thin layer of nail lacquer is applied first in the middle of nail and then on both sides.
  • After the first coat is applied then it is left to dry and then the second coat is applied.
  • If any person is having yellow tone of skin then choose peach color or clear nail paint to improvise any faults. For the skin tone of pink color, the nail polish which is either pink or transparent in color can be applied.

There are various interesting facts to know about the nail lacquers. The first nail paint was manufactured around 5000 years ago in the colors red and black. Paint has a life span of two years but it depends if it is stored with care. The perfect time for giving hand massage is considered the time after one applies the nail paint. One may find many bubbles while applying the nail lacquer. The main producers of these bubbles are fans and air conditioners which should be switched off while applying one. Many nail polish manufacturers today have started manufacturing nail paints which are not having any side-effects.

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