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Nail Growth Important Diet and Vitamins

Most women usually complain that their fingernails are very brittle and grow much slowly due to splitting and breakage. There are a number of reasons for this such as lack of vitamins in diet, prolonged exposure to chemical and water and many more.

Important Diet or Food for Nail Growth

  • Protein Proteins should be contained in the diet for nail growth and health as fingernails and toenails are made of protein. People can take fish, eggs, meat and chicken for getting proper amount of protein. Nuts are also a wide source of protein necessary for nail heath and growth. Many type of dairy products such as milk, yogurts and cheese contain a high protein amount that can be taken by people for the growth of the nails.
  • Vegetables and Fruits Many vegetables and fruits are helpful for growth of nails as they contain protein. Vegetables that are useful for nails health and growth are cucumbers, leafy vegetables like spinach, onions and asparagus. Fruits that are helpful for rapid growth of nails include grapefruit, blackberries, apples, cherries, bananas and papaya.
  • Folic Acids Folic acid helps in growth of nails by strengthening them and also keeps them healthy. Foods that include folic acid are grain foods, spinach leaves, oranges, kale and lemons.
  • Fatty Acids Fatty acids make the fingernails more flexible and shinier that results in less splitting problems and enhanced nail growth. Primrose oil, black current oil and salmon are good sources for getting fatty acids.
  • Miscellaneous Foods Some of the other food items that help in promoting the growth of nails and keep them healthy include garlic, soy products, brown rise, liver and tuna fish. Excessive amount of alcoholic beverages and sugar can be the main reason for brittle nails and slow growth of nails.

Important Vitamins for Nail Growth and Nail Health

  • Zinc Lack of zinc can cause nail splitting and poor or slow nail growth. People should take required amount of zinc in their diet for the growth of nails and to prevent from splitting. Foods that contain zinc are beef shanks, oysters and king crab.
  • Iron Anemia or low iron can also cause white spots on nails and splitting that result in poor growth of nails. People who have anemia will also face the problem of nail splitting and slow growth. Foods that contain iron are beef, salmon, walnuts, prone juice, pork and shellfish.

In brief, proper amount of vitamins and proteins in diet can strengthen the nail growth.

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