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Nail fungus can be treated by natural remedy

Nail fungus infection is also referred as Onychomycosis and is very common. It is the result of infection caused by various tiny micro-organisms. This fungus grows in moist and warm fingernails. As the growth of this fungus increases, it makes the nails more hard and brittle which sometimes also leads to discoloration. This nail fungus is very common worldwide. This fungus occurs below the finger nail or toe nail and mostly happens in warm, moist and dark places. This is the main reason why most of the people who wear shoes constantly in hot climates are likely to have toe nail fungus infections.

Nail fungus can pose big hurdles especially when one works with public. Toe nail funguses are much more common than finger nail fungus infection. Nail fungus is not painful in primary stages but it starts hurting later on. Some of the common causes of the nail fungus infection are breakage in the nails, discoloration, several small cuts in the skin close to nails. This infection causes the nails to get flaked, chipped and brittle. It also starts giving off foul smell. If this infection is left untreated it may cause severe problems in future. However, this infection can be treated by using natural home remedies which are discussed below.

Natural home remedies for nail fungus

  • Oil of tea tree is very effective in the treatment of the nail fungus infection. Dip a small piece of cotton into this oil and apply on the nails which will help in curing from this fungus.
  • Listerine mouthwash is also very helpful in the treatment of this infection. Soak the infected toe nails or finger nails on this mouthwash for about twenty minutes. The medicinal properties of this mouth wash will help in preventing or controlling the growth of the fungus.
  • Take some quantity of apple cider vinegar in bucket full of water and allow the infected nails to soak in that solution for about twenty minutes and dry them thoroughly. This also provides good benefits.
  • Mix tea oil and lavender oil in equal proportions. Dip small piece of cotton on that mixture and apply on the contaminated nails about two to three times a day. This treatment is also very effective and provides good result.
  • Mix some vinegar and water in equal proportions and soak the infected nails in that solution for about twenty minutes. This would be effective in treating the nail fungus.
  • Another helpful measure that can help in better results can be done by rubbing the infected nails with alcohol.
  • It is advisable to wash feet and hands regularly after visiting public places.

Use these natural methods and have great nails.

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