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Nail File Electric

A nail file electric or electric nail filer is used for manicure at home or in the beauty parlor. It is connected with cosmetics sector and helps in enhancing the beauty of a person. Electric nail file became famous in last two decades with popularity of pedicure and manicure. Although pedicure and manicure was done before the invention of electric nail file, but it has given an added advantage to user. With the use of electric nail file the job of saloon owner has become easier. Now more improvements are being added to electric nail file to enhance their performance.

Electric nail file should be used with care as faulty handling can lead to their out of order. This instrument gets damaged as it comes into contact with moisture present in air. Proper upkeep of electric nail file is topmost job for its user to increase its shelf life. Collection of dust and other particles on electric nail file should be avoided to increase its working efficiency. It should be kept out of the reach of kids. That is because of the reason that if it is used with carelessness it can cause injury to nails.

Another thing that affects the durability of electric nail file is how much it is used; if it is used quite often then chances of it getting out of working order are more. It works with electricity so it needs to be charged regularly to lengthen its life. Electric nail file is made up of bit; there are two types of bits. First is the carbide bit and second is the diamond bit. Carbide bit generate less amount of heat, thus are more durable.

Now small and compact electric nail files are available in the markets which are easier to handle and use. It is used for adding artificial color on to the nails. Since it works on electricity its use should be judicial and safety measures need to be kept in mind while using it. It makes the process of manicure great and an easy experience. If used with carelessness it can cost the user his life. There are some steps that need to be taken while using this gadget.

First the user should clean nails of hand and feet properly. Then take the size of nails and after that proceed with manicure. Shape the nails with the help of barrel bit starting from front of the nail to back of the nail. Since there are various types of electric nail files it is up to the user to decide, (according to their requirement) which suits them. Electric nail file is quite handy for polishing nails and giving them attractive appearance.

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