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Nail Extensions A Fashion Statement

Today, nail extensions are the latest and a versatile fashion statement all over the globe. They are made of plastic by using methacrylate chemical that can be easily fixed on natural nails with nail gel or glue. These days, nail extensions are extremely fashionable for both hand nails as well as toenails. Nail extension is also known as fashion nails, artificial nails, fake nails and nail enhancement. Fashion nails add strength and length to brittle and natural fingernails that are applied on tips of real nails. Nail extension is an ideal way to add a beauty and fashion to personal presentation.

Different methods for maintenance of nail extensions

Although nail extensions provide pretty and realistic look, they require proper maintenance and care. They typically require regular care because fake nails are pressed outwards to the nail growth direction that leaves gap among nail extension and cuticles. If people do not take care, this space is crammed with various nail fungus and can cause unwanted problems. The below mentioned are two techniques to care and maintain artificial nails.

  • Infill Treatment This method involves recognizing the various nail ailments and filling the space that exists between artificial nails and cuticle. The infill treatment provides soft, clean and smooth look to fingernails.
  • Rebalance Treatment This technique involves restructuring the fake nails by eliminating apex and placing them in an appropriate position.

Different kinds of nail extensions

The following are different types of nail extensions.

  • Gel Nails Gel nails are made with colored gel that can be fitted above the tip of natural nails. Gel nails are placed onto the real nails and toughened by divulging ultraviolet light over them. These types of artificial nails require to be filled in every 2 to 3 weeks to avoid any nail fungus.
  • Acrylic Nails Acrylic nails are made with acrylic powder that makes them more durable. These nails provide realistic and natural look but should be applied and maintained properly to prevent from nail infections.
  • Fiberglass Nails Fiberglass nails are made with fiberglass cloth enfolded around gel mold or plastic. These types of nails are much lighter and thinner than acrylic nails while they offer similar strength and durability.

In conclusion, it can be said that nail extensions are considered as one of the beauty component of women that needs to be maintained to keep long term shine and to avoid nail fungus that can affect real nails and skin.

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