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Nail disorders - Different Types and Treatments

When it comes to nail disorders, there are lot many things that cross ones mind such as the reason, prevention and finally the treatment. The people who are mostly prone to nail disorders include the ones who expose their hands to water in excess, the ones who do over manicuring, the ones who are suffering from diabetes and the ones who have any kind of deficiency. Each and every time of nail disorder happens due to any imbalance in the body, any prolonged disease and any kind of injury. Whereas discolored and distorted nails are not commonly considered as any kind of disorder, if not treated properly they can definitely lead to one.

Types of Nail Disorders and Treatment Options

Below are some of the most common nail disorders that can lead to nail peeling or flaky finger or toe nails.

  • Leukonychia This is a condition in which white sports start appearing on the nails after an injury or due to lack of calcium in ones body. This can be corrected by taking medication at the early stages and taking a nutrition rich diet.
  • Paronychia In this the nails tend to have a bit of swelling along with a reddish appearance. The best treatment for this disorder is to stop the infection from growing or otherwise it will lead to nail discoloration.
  • Koilonychia This is mainly caused due to lack of iron in ones body and the anemic people are the ones that are hit the most by Koilonychia.
  • Yellow nail syndrome In this a thick layer of yellow color is present on the finger nails and this leads to slow growth and excessive curving of the nails.
  • Onychophagy In this the nail growth is stopped and the nails also start loosing their fine texture. One nice way to cure this disorder is to go in for regular manicures and getting rid of the nail biting habits.

Although the above mentioned nail disorders have medications for them, but it is always suggested to include dairy products and fiber rich food items in ones diet. One can start eating almonds, fish, spinach, tomatoes, beans and blueberries. The various food items that one needs to avoid are sugar rich foods, red meats, white breads and pastas. If one has a nice diet regime and hygiene of the nails is maintained, these nail disorders will never come.

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