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Nail Cuticle Care Tips

Tags: cuticle moisturizers

Nail cuticle is one of the important structures that make fingernails healthy and strong. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of cuticles to keep the nails healthy. Tearing and cracked cuticles can be often caused due to dehydrated hands and improper diet.

Nail Cuticle Care Tips

The below mentioned are important tips to take care of nail cuticles.

  • Healthy and Proper Diet To avoid damages to nail cuticle that are caused due to unhealthy nails, people need to make adjustments in their regular diet. They require reducing the quantity of saturated fats, alcohol and sugar in their diet. They should eat the healthy food that should contain all the required vitamins, Zinc, lean protein and Calcium as these nutrients help to get better nails and cuticles as well.
  • Make Use of Vitamin E Oil The vitamin E oil is very useful to recover the cracked and damaged nail cuticles. Rubbing this oil to fingertips and cuticles helps to smooth and re-hydrate the cuticle cracks.
  • Use Shea Butter Ointment Shea butter ointment is a natural product that people can use to repair and smooth the cracks in nail cuticle. Shea butter comes in range of products like body butters, hand creams and balms. People can easily purchase this natural product from their local healthy food stores and hobby stores.
  • Cuticle Moisturizer Cuticle moisturizer is another great product to repair the cuticle cracks naturally. Solar oil is a great cuticle moisturizer that contains almond oil, jojoba, and Vitamin E. People can use solar oil to moisturize their nail cuticles, heels, elbows and nails as it is great moisturizer for dry and rough skin.
  • Use Nail Balm Nail balm is also very useful to treat cracked cuticles of nails. Nail balm contains plant butters, beeswax, honey and neem oil and people can use it to massage on cuticles, nails and hands. Before using this product, people required to clean their hands and cuticles for better results.
  • Night Gloves People who have dry nails and hands can use night gloves as night therapy. Put the pure cotton gloves after moisturizing and cleaning the cuticles, hands and nails. These cotton gloves provide proper heat to moisturizer on hands by entrapping the body heat.

In brief, People require applying various cuticle moisturizers and other cuticle care products in limit as over-grooming can damage the nail cuticle and nails as well.

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