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Nail clippers for dogs

Different kinds of nail clippers for dogs

If someone is interested in doing dog grooming, they must consider nail clipper for dogs to give them the best look. For some people, it is much easier to take a dog for grooming but why one should spend money on dog grooming when they can do it themselves. Yes, there are different kinds of tools and techniques available for dog grooming and interestingly one can use it easily. Letís have a look at different kinds of dog nail clippers to provide a better insight on the subject to the interested people.

Pliers Style

The nail clippers for dogs in pliersí style are very common these days and are used for grooming dogs, of all kinds. This kind of clipper just looks like pliers and it has notched blades attached in which the nails can be fitted easily. It is very easy to use and it is the best choice for dogs that have dark and thick nails.

Guillotine Style

The nail clipper in guillotine style can easily fit in the palm. It is very common kind of clipper and is very easy to use. Also, it is the cheapest and one can get expertise in it in very short time. However, it is very essential that the blades must be changed regularly in order to acquire painless and clean cut. The blade replacement is an additional cost. It is a kind of clipper which is best suited for the dogs which are light nails and small breed.


It is an advanced and latest gadget for dog grooming. It is a great gadget and can shave the nails much effectively. However, one has to be very careful while shaving because such blades are very sharp. Such kind of nail clippers for dogs have made it easy to cut nails in very short length.

Scissor Style

The scissor style clippers are available just in the style of scissors but have notched ends. Such kinds of clippers are used only for dogs that have light colored and small nails. Actually, such kind of clippers should be used for small puppies. It should not be used on the adult dogs as it may cause pain and can even result in nail break.

Some crucial tips

One can purchase nail clippers for dogs from any retail shop. It is a very inexpensive way to groom a dog but make sure that dog should be clam before going for it. So, be careful while cutting the nails of dogs that have dark nails as it is quite difficult to find end of nail.

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