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Nail Care Products

The nail care industry has developed a lot in the recent decades and there is such an abundance of nail care products that it takes a lot of time to get acquainted with what's available, not to mention to try everything. Almost all cosmetic giants have their nail care line. Besides, many smaller companies specialize in nail and skin cosmetics, so the choice is really big. And if you take into account all natural products that have been used for centuries and are still not forgotten, the abundance becomes overwhelming. One starts to wonder how it is possible a small piece of bone to attract so much attention. But after you learn how many products fall in the nail care group, this abundance becomes easy to understand.

First, there are nail polishes. For ladies this is the most important, or at least the most often used nail care product. Nail polishes come in variety of colors and usually the color of the nail polish is chosen to match the lipstick. There are also transparent (or clear) nail polishes that are used both by men and women separately or as the top layer of the manicure.

Besides the color, the durability of the nail polish is also important. If you have to apply nail polish once in two or three days because it goes off quickly, this takes too much time and afford. Usually it is the cheap nail polish brands that are less durable. In recent years environmental and health issues become more and more important, which quite logically leads to increased awareness about the health effects of (low-quality) nail polishes.

A product, that goes together with nail polish is nail polish remover. Once upon a time all nail polish removers contained acetone and were poisonous but the environmental winds blew the poison away. But still, applying nail polish removers more often than once a week (or even twice a month, as some experts say) over a long period of time causes nails to become dry and brittle.

But don't fear that having dry and brittle nails is forever. With so many moisturizers, strengtheners and thickeners on the market, your nails will soon regain shape. These products, as the names themselves imply, deal with the various side effects of frequent use of nail polish and other chemicals that damage your nails. Depending on your condition, there are products that can be applied daily or several times a week.

Also, there are creams (mainly moisturizers and lotions) that can be applied both to your nails and to your fingers. Most of these creams contain various useful oils and you can apply them even if you don't have immediate nail problems. Many of these creams are good for the cuticles as well, because they soften them and make them less obtrusive.

Nail whiteners are another product that you will appreciate, if the long use of nail polish has damaged the natural transparent color of your nails and has replaced it with shades of yellow. Usually nail whiteners combine bleaching effects with moisturizing as well.

Artificial nails are somewhat controversial because of the chemicals that are used with them but if you have serious problems with your nails and all other nail care means are void, you can resort to artificial nails.

A particularly important nail care product are clippers and scissors. You simply can't do without them! Even if you don't apply nail polish and the other products, clippers and scissors are an every day necessity for all of us. There are special nail care kits for home and for professional use that contain twenty or more different pieces for cutting everything imaginable on and around the nails. If you are not capricious or don't have special needs, even a pair of plain clippers and scissors will do, though you will certainly find it more comfortable to cut your toe nails with the help of the special toe nail clippers and scissors than with the plain ones.

Nail files are also important because they help you shape your manicure. After you do the rough cuts with the clippers and the scissors, nail files help to smoothen the edges. Also, when clippers and scissors are helpless, for instance with ingrown nails, the special files for them make your life much simpler.

Besides the already described major nail care products, there are many smaller enhancements, like nail brushes that allow even more delicate nail care. Professional nail care toolkits offer many other enhancements, so if you are serious about your nails, or wish to make an original present to somebody you love, a nail care toolkit (professional or for home use) is a marvelous idea.

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