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Nail Biting Polish

Quitting nail biting habit is not easy, but with the various available aversion treatments one can do this in a better way than the other available treatments. Nail biting is also like the other bad habits and it.s after affects are also bad for ones body and skin. Most of the aversion treatments available for curing nail biting have some kind of discouraging affect on the users that makes them think twice before they put their hands in their mouth. Some of the common products that are being used to cure nail biting habit include nail biting polish and nail biting creams.

How nail biting polish can help

In the case of this nail biting habit, something more than medications which is patience and There are many bitter tasting nail biting polishes available and those who want to get rid of this habit can buy them and apply on their nails. Finding a good nail biting polish is not tough as these are available in all the department stores and pharmacies. Once one has bought a nail biting polish, one has to shake it well as this will allow the ingredients present in it to mix well. Once shaken, one can paint the nails with these polishes, for men there are transparent nail biting polishes that can be applied.

Once the polish has been applied, one has to give it some time to dry up and the ones who are in any hurry can go in for the automatic dryers that are available. Now when the polish has been applied, chances of biting the nails are less as whenever the fingernails enter the mouth they would be filled with an intolerable bitter taste. All those who stay in water for a long time have to see that they reapply the nail biting polish on regular basis, giving the teeth nothing to bite. The results of these nail biting polishes have been found to be quite effectual and even the ones who were facing severe nail biting problem have benefited from these.

For the ones who feel that the nail biting polish will not be able to make them stay away from the nails completely, a nail biting cream can be applied on the nails when one is sitting free. If one is able to demonstrate sheer will power along with the patience to stay away from this habit, chances are more that a nail biting polish will show some good results.

So, all those who are facing problem of fingernail biting have to buy a nail biting polish and apply it now.

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