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Nail Biting Home Remedies

Nail biting is a problem from which many people suffer and the situations when this kind of urge arises includes anxiety, nervousness, boredom and impatience. If one talks of the chances of coming out of this problem, then chances are quite less as it requires a lot of tolerance and dedication. Most of the people who are having this habit of nail biting are school and college going children, but there are many adults also who have become addicted to it. Acknowledging that this habit of nail biting is going to lead to various kinds of nail infections and unappealing looking nails, one has to make an effort to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Natural home remedies to get rid of the deadly habit of nail biting

In the case of this nail biting habit, something more than medications which is patience and habit-overcoming dedication is required and that can be acquired from one of the below mentioned home remedies.

  • If one feels that the nails are bitten only when the edges are rough, one can keep the hands soaked in olive oil for some time daily to soften the edges.
  • One can apply any thing that is bitter or has an awful taste on the nails so that when next time the feeling of biting arises, one feels uncomfortable doing so.
  • Many people have found wearing gloves to be helpful as with this they cannot bite their nails.
  • Keeping record of the overall growth of the nails also encourages one to avoid biting and enjoy the properly shaped nails.
  • Those who have severe habit of biting the nails have to make an effort to get a manicure done regularly as with this they will not feel like destroying the pleasant sight of healthy looking nails.
  • One can keep a filer or a clipper by the side when sitting idle as with this whenever the urge arises one can cut the rough edges and give them a proper shape.
  • There are many people who say that keeping the hands busy works, so one has to see that when the urge arises, one holds the pillow, a book and one knees and then leave the same when the urge passes on.

Though this habit of nail biting takes a fair amount of time to go away, one has to see that the sheer dedication to get rid of it is not lost in the process.

Before opting for any type of home remedy, one has to ensure that the reason of this pathetic habit is known.

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