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Nail Bed Injuries & Infection -You Need to Know the Reason

All those who do not take care of the hygiene of their nails often tend to end up with serious complications and injuries. One of the most common types of nail injuries includes the ones at the nail bed which are usually called as Paronychia. Although this type of infection is completely curable, but it is better to have complete knowledge about it before it actually happens.

What exactly are the nail bed infections or injuries?

The infection which usually occurs below the nails is referred to as the nail bed injury. This type of infection usually happens when any blockade comes between the nail plate and the skin or the skin tissues below and leads to growth of bacteria. When this bacterium grows, it causes either swelling or reddening of the tissues that make the nails quite painful. In some cases, people also face the problem of pus under their nails due to Paronychia. As most of the nail bedís injuries are contagious, one needs to start taking medication as soon as the symptoms are found.

Symptoms of Nail Bed Injuries

Although most of the nail related infections have somewhat similar type of symptoms, it is better to know the prominent to prevent a major one. One of the most prevalent symptoms is tenderness of the nails either as a whole or just at the U area. If the nails are taking a yellowish green color then this can also be considered as a symptom of Paronychia.

Treatment Options for Nail Bed Injuries

In most of the infections, there is not much pain and swelling and this is why one can use home based remedies to cure the infections. If one feels that the pain is becoming uncontrollable, then it is advisable to ask the doctor for any anti fungal medicine or cream. If the doctors feel that the pus is not drying up, then there are chances that one would have to go in for a surgery.

Seeking medical assistance is better as they are the right people to find the exact reason behind the infection, be it unhygienic condition or any type of malfunctioning of ones immune system.

To prevent nail bed injuries, one needs to adopt some habits such as regular cleaning of hands, using antibacterial products if any cuts happen and keeping the nail cuticles and fingers properly moisturized.

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