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Nail Airbrush

Nail airbrush is a compact tool which is used for applying color to the nails. It is operated with air and the color is applied in the form of dye and color ink. The color is applied by a process called as nebulization. The color is sprayed on to the nails with fast moving tiny color particles. There is a trigger that is used for controlling the flow of color spray. User can adjust the quantity of color sprayed on to a particular area with the help of trigger. The color is sprayed with pressure on to the surface. Nail airbrush shows three characteristics. First is the work done by user in applying the color on to the surface with the help of trigger and second is the process of inserting paint into the airbrush. Third is the point in which the paint and air gets mixed with each other.

Nail airbrush gives nails a very attractive appearance. In olden times, nail polish was used. Stencils help in giving the nails good designs. Nail airbrushing is similar to brushing toys and t-shirts. There are two types of coating in nail airbrushing. First is the base-coat and second is the top-coat. Clean the nails with the help of acetone and then make it ready for applying airbrush. Make sure that there remains no dirt on the nails. Clean the nails properly.

Firstly using air-brush, one should apply base-coat and white background on it. After that use stencils, place it on the nail and apply color on the nails. Then use airbrush to dry the color. One should also clear the parts of finger that get stained with background color. The final step in airbrushing is applying top-coat on the nails. The top-coat must be carefully airbrushed since the background color is fragile and can get damaged. The nails should be top-coated not less then three times with airbrush. Then after that fan dry the nails for two to three minutes. Another tool for protecting the color of nails is to use varnish on nails immediately after applying the color. The varnish should be applied between base-coat and top-coat as it gives strength to base-coat. The varnish creates shield between base coat and top coat thus giving top coat more firmness. Nail airbrush technique is very complex process so it takes time to master this art. Slow and steady wins the race; proverb is apt in this field of nail airbrushing. Nails manicure is a technique which is quite helpful in improving the condition of nails. If the nails are in good state one can use nail airbrush on them to give excellent results.

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