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Nail Aid Treatments Effectual In Getting Pink & Healthy Nails

Every one is passionate to have healthy looking pink nails and this is why one has to realize the importance of various nail aid care tips. There are many nail aid products available in the market that can provide the nutrition and the appearance that they are supposed to have. It is not that one has to seek professional help all the time, when it comes to nail care. A nicely done manicure is considered as an important element of the nail aid care option for getting glowing and healthy looking nails back.

Top Nail Aid Care Tips: Correcting the Mistakes

Most of us do not know the real way to take care of our nails and due to this only we end up with pail, chipped and peeling nails. Below are the most done mistakes when it comes to nail aid.

  • Applying Nail Polish in backward and forward Direction:- Most of the times when we polish our nails, we tend to apply the nail polish in both the direction which is a completely wrong approach. The nail paint needs to be applied in the forward direction only. When applied in two directions, nail polish can leave a bad impact on the edges of the nails.
  • Leaving the cuticles dry for too long:- This is one such mistake which is a result of ones own negligence. It is better to keep the cuticles moisturized as the repeated hand washing habit can make the cuticles brittle.
  • Applying nail paint without a base coat:- It is not that all of us are not aware of the ill effects of this habit, but then also most of the people tend to apply the nail paint directly just to save time.
  • Wearing a nail polish for too long:- It has been found that the people who leave their nail paint for more than 10-12 days tend to have yellowish and dry looking nails. Nails also need some time to breathe out and this is why it is suggested to apply nail paint on alternate basis leaving the nails without the paint for few days also.
  • Excessive Usage of Nail Polish Remover:- Excessive use of nail paint leads to excessive use of nail paint remover which in turn leads to dry and flaky nails. One should make an effort to use the nail paint remover that does not include acetone as this chemical is quite harmful for the nails.

All these tips are a part of the nail aid care which can keep the nails pink and healthy looking.

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