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French Nail Manicure

French nail manicure is broadly accepted method for taking care of nails. This nail manicure technique is much preferred among women who want finished look of nails without straying from nature. French manicure makes the fingernails too long and filed them to oval shape to show the white tip of nails.

Polish Method

French manicure is usually done by using two colors of nail paint that is white and pink or peach. For traditional French nail manicure, apply pink color of nail polish first and dry it completely. After that, paint the white color on top coat and allow it to dry completely.

French Nail Manicure Pencil or Stick

The second technique to achieve a look of French nail manicure is to make use of French nails manicure pencil or stick. This method is faster as compared to traditional French manicure but provides less finishing to the nails.

Steps to Paint French Nails by Yourself

People can easily paint their French nail on their own with following steps without paying the money in salons.

  • Firstly, clean the surface of nails with water as cleaned nail surface will let the nail work for last longer.
  • Apply a coat of clear polish before applying the nail polish as it will keep the nail paint smoother and last longer.
  • The next step is to apply nude color over the nail. To paint or coat properly, start from center part of the nail with nail brush at its base. If one requires more than single coat then be sure that first coat is completely dried before applying the second coat.
  • When nude polish dries properly then apply white color of nail polish to top tip of nails.
  • Always start coating from the closest nail. Put some force on brush while gliding the brush across grain of nails following the white marking of fingernails.

Some Important Tips for French Nails Manicure

  • People can paint top layer polish every night to keep the French manicure for longer time.
  • People can purchase French nail manicure kit that comes with nail guides and all necessary polishes.
  • People can also use different color for nail tips apart from the white color for some special occasion.
  • People who do not like bright white color on their nail tips during French manicure can use creamier or off-white color as it is not necessary to always use white color o the tips of nail.

In brief, by following above discussed steps one can easily get the look of French nail manicure.

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