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Fingernail Biting

For many people this fingernail biting habit is a kind of stress relieving act and this is why not many are able to come out of it successfully. There are many doctors who feel that nail biting is a hint of any kind of emotional disorder that the person is facing, but as for now there are no points that can validate this. Fingernail biting is a habit that is present in all the ages and toddlers, kids and teens are the ones who are most prone to this, leaving behind the adult percentage to only 20 to 25.

Fingernail biting - hygiene can be a useful preventive tool

All those who want to restrain their hands from getting into the mouth have to ensure that the hygiene and cleanliness of their nails is maintained as with this they would hesitate to bite the nails. There are many people who maintain a complete record of the overall growth and health of their nails and this motivates them to keep their hands away from their mouth whenever the urge arises.

Fingernail biting - remedies and treatments that can work

There are two types of treatment options available for fingernail biting and these are behavioural therapy and medications. In the behavioural therapies, the stimulus that acts as the triggers of fingernail biting are found and then countered by making the person aware. This method helps a lot as now the person knows that in which condition it would arise and one can prevent that.

Various anti-psychotics that are being used to treat fingernail biting habit are paroxetine, citalopram, sertraline, clomipramine and many more.

Dangers of fingernail biting unleashed

There are many dangers involved with fingernail biting and these are to be known by the ones who feel that nail biting is a normal habit. One most prominent danger of fingernail biting is that the skin around the nails starts bleeding and has a torn appearance most of the times.

The ones who are obsessed with this habit, usually become prone to the dental problems as when they are biting the nails, they are damaging the soft tissues of their mouth.s corners and gums.

All these problems need immediate attention and the ones who are in the habit of fingernail biting need to pay heed to the fact that their habit is ruining their overall health.

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