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Brittle toe nail

Brittle toe nail - Causes, Symptoms & Cure

Nails, both of fingers and toes require complete care to stay in their healthy shape and appearance. Most people ignore to take care of their toe nails that lead to several complications such as Brittle toe nail, fungal infection and opaque nails. To prevent toe nails from all these serious complications, it is better to know the causes and maintaining complete hygiene of both, hands as well as feet.

What are the causes of Brittle toe nail?

The occurrence of brittle toe nail in every human being occurs due to various different reasons. One of the most common causes behind this is lack of proper nutrients and unbalanced diet. People need to understand that the nails are also an important organ of ones body which requires same nutrition as the rest of the body. Most of the people have a misconception that brittle toe nail problem is found in aged people which holds no truth as the youngsters who do not take care of their toe nails can also face this problem. Some of the famous causes of this nail problem are dryness of nails, any kind of fungal infection, improper blood circulation in the body, respiratory problems and Psoriasis.

Symptoms of Brittle Toe Nail

Some of the common symptoms of brittle toe nail are nail splitting, nail peeling, cracks on the nails and breaking nails. The ones, who feel that they are facing any of these issues, need to take the matter seriously and have to start caring for their toe nails immediately.

Cure For Brittle Toe Nail

There are many treatment options available for curing brittle toe nail. The ones who are facing this nail problem have to make sure that the feet are never left dry and are always properly moisturized. One can also soak ones feet in the lukewarm olive oil for about 15 minutes before going to sleep daily, this makes the nails retain the moisture required. One can start taking the food items that are rich in vitamin E and the various supplements that are good for nails.

A mixture of honey and lemon can do wonders for the ones who have been facing this brittle toe nail problem from quite some long time. It is better to wash the feet properly before going to bed as this reduces the chances of any nail problem from occurring.

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