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Bitter Nail Polish

Nail biting is one such habit which if not treated at the right time can lead to various serious dental problems, skin infections and psychological problems. All those who are facing the problem of nail biting will agree that it is one of the most difficult habits to break and this is why the people are now looking for the treatment options that could discourage them from taking the hands to the mouth. All these discouraging treatments usually consist of the bad tasting products such as nail polishes, nail pens and nail creams that when applied to the nails give a bad taste whenever the fingers reach the mouth.

Bitter nail polishes come with interesting benefits

One of the most impressive benefits of these bitter nail polishes is that they act as an anti-biting reminder that alerts the mind whenever the hands are going to reach the mouth or whenever that urge arises. As most of the nail polishes are transparent or invisible, these can be easily used by all. The ingredients contained in the bitter nail polishes are natural and do not do any harm to the body. The hardeners that are present in the bitter nail polishes promote the growth of the nails and give them strength. The vitamins contained in the bitter nail polishes are good for the health of the nails and can be of great help to get rid of the problem of soft nail cuticles and splitting nail edges.

How to use a bitter nail biting polish

These bitter nail polishes come with one unique feature and that is they can be applied on the existing nail polishes also. If one buys a bitter nail polish of a reputable brand, then one this is going to stay on the hands for a minimum of 3 to 4 days, although it depends on the times the hands are immersed in water. The ones who have applied this bitter nail polish on their nails have to see that the hands are not excessively moisturised as with this the effects are greatly reduced. So, it can be said that all those who have applied bitter nail polish on their nails have to see that they reapply it regularly if the nails are going into water again and again.

If one is able to avoid nail biting after using bitter nail polish, then the problems of skin infection, unsightly nails and deformation of palate can be prevented effectually and everlastingly.

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