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Acrylic Nail

Acrylic nails are also known as artificial nails because they do not grow naturally on the fingers. Women who cannot grow their fingernails can use good looking acrylic nails for some special occasions or for regular wear. Acrylic nail provides unnatural extent to brittle and short nails.

Useful instructions to apply acrylic nails on natural nails

  • Firstly people require cleaning and drying up their natural nails before applying these acrylic nails. After this filing and giving appropriate shape to natural nails for affixing the acrylic nails is required.

  • Then it is very important to select right size acrylic nail for all fingers. If necessary one can also file its edges for exact fitting onto the real nails.

  • Now apply nail glue upon whole are of all real nails that will contacted with fake nails.

  • Position the fake nail in such a way that it is not very close but is just touching the cuticle and then apply soft force so that nail adhesive can take hold and properly set with nails.

  • Once the artificial nail sets decisively in position then file off rough edges for more sharpness.

  • Now apply double coats of desired color of nail gloss to make them look prettier.

Acrylic nails come in variety of textures, designs and colors that look similar to natural nails. Women can change artificial nails occasionally to match with their makeup and outfits.

Important instructions to remove acrylic nails
These artificial nails should be removed with care to prevent from unwanted problems. The below mentioned are few instructions for removing the acrylic nail safely.

Things required for removing artificial nails
Things that are required for removing acrylic nail safely includes nail filer, glass bowl, nail clipper, nail buffer, clean towel, olive oil, water, petroleum jelly and orangewood stick.


  • Trim the acrylic nails down with the help of nail clipper as this will make simple and easy to eradicate artificial nails.

  • File off glossy coat or nail gel from fake nails by using nail file.

  • Apply petroleum jelly coat to skin around the nails.

  • Fill the glass bowl with nail polish remover and soak the nails in it. The nail polish remover will help to remove nail glue easily and painlessly.

  • When nail glue dissolves completely then unpeel artificial nails in gentle manner.

  • After removing the fake nails wash the hands with water and dry them with clean towel. After this, apply olive oil to nails and massage for 5 minutes to refurbish the moisture.

In brief, it can be said that acrylic nails should be applied and removed properly by following some instructions to prevent unwanted infections.

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